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September 11, 2006

Cyberweek 2006: Free Teleseminars For Us All

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Stop the presses! Before I go on about blogs and blogging, please note a series of free teleseminars associated with Cyberweek 2006, starting in less than two weeks. You can register here:

Here’s their invitation:

We invite you to participate in Cyberweek 2006 during the week of September 25th. Cyberweek is being organized this year by the University of Massachusetts Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution (CITDR) and

Tue, 26th The Intersection of Mediation, Facilitation, Coaching and Teaching — this conference and online discussion forum will focus on the shared skills, strategies and best practices of mediators, facilitators, coaches and teachers — new perspectives on building skills and improving strategies in one on one, one on two, small group and large group interactions.

Wed, 27th Mediation Excellence Program — This conference will focus on bringing the mediation community together to take mediation to the next level — a coordinated approach to quality assurance through education, training, mentoring, networking, evaluation, certification and standards — the role of cooperation and marketing in building a stronger mediation community.

Thu, 28th Mediation Excellence in Cyberspace — This conference will focus on how to learn and work together on an ongoing basis. The two perspectives covered by this teleconference and the online discussion forum will be: (1) supporting Mediation Excellence in online dispute resolution; and (2) using the internet for education, mentoring, networking and cooperation between mediators and mediation organizations in the quest for Mediation Excellence generally.


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