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October 9, 2006

Free Marketing Mediation Excellence Online Teleconferences As Cyberweek 2006 Continues

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Mediation Excellence Online Teleconferences

Thursday, October 12, 2006 Topic: Marketing for Mediators and Lawyers

Marketing Mediation Excellence will be the theme of a free online teleconference to be presented by a group of mediators and lawyers — Robert Ambrogi, Diane Levin, Gini Nelson, Geoff Sharp and Louise Wildee — at 11 am Pacific, 2 pm Eastern, 7 pm UK/Ireland, and 6 am (the next day in) New Zealand.

The panelists will be referring to a set of power point slides that may be loaded on your computer and viewed during the online teleconference. The panelists will also be using an online text chat to coordinate their presentation as only Gini Nelson and Louise Wildee will be in Denver in the Colorado bar association offices with John DeBruyn, the program organizer, and Peter DeBruyn, the program’s technology coordinator. The other panelists Robert Ambrogi and Diane Levin will be at their computers in the Boston, Massachusetts area and Geoff Sharp will be at his computer in Wellington, New Zealand.

All of the conference participants are invited to sign into the online text chat to follow the text messages between the panelists and to ask questions and make comments during the question and further discussion segment of the program.

This online teleconference is a continuation of a series of Mediation Excellence programs presented during Online Dispute Resolution Cyberweek last month (September, 2006) — about 90 mediators and lawyers participated in the series of online teleconferences from around the world over the internet and via telephone.

The panelists will open with a brief overview of marketing and the internet and then discuss the use of several online publishing tools: web sites, e-newsletters and web journals or web logs aka blogs to market your practice.

The one hour program will consist of a 40 minute presentation by the panel and that will be followed by 20 minutes for questions and further discussion of the topic. You may connect via long distance telephone or voice over the internet using Skype which requires a high speed internet connection. Further information about the program and making the connection is at:

Further information about the program and making the connection is at: and if you have any questions after going there, send an email to John DeBruyn, program organizer. The teleconference is also being presented as part of the ongoing joint luncheon programs jointly sponsored the ADR section of the Colorado bar association and the Colorado Council of Mediators which is Colorado’s professional mediators organization. That explains why the program originates from the state bar association offices and is set for 18:00 GMT which the noon hour in Colorado and the other states (and province of Alberta) in the Rocky Mountain Time Zone. The teleconference will be repeated live, one hour later, at noon Pacific, 3 pm Eastern, 8 pm UK/Ireland, and 7 am (the next day in) New Zealand. That is being done to extend the noon hour eat-in luncheon program to California and the other far western states and the province of British Columbia. Of course, where ever you are located in the world, you may join in this session of the program at what ever time that is in your time zone.

The web logs maintained by the panelists are at:

Robert Ambrogi

Diane Levin

Gini Nelson

Geoff Sharp

Further information about the program and making the connection is at: and if you have any questions after going there, send an email to John DeBruyn, program organizer, at

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