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October 16, 2006

Kenneth Cloke’s Locations Of Conflict and Techniques, Part Three


Here’s the final piece of Kenneth Cloke’s locations of conflict and related mediation techniques, taken from his new book, The Crossroads of Conflict: A Journey Into the Heart Of Dispute Resolution. Ken’s personal interview begins in this week’s issue of my newsletter, Engaging Conflicts Today — you can subscribe through the box provided in the sidebar on the right!

The remaining locations of conflict (at 71), and some suggested mediation techniques for each ‘by location” (at 78-85):


5. In our hearts, where attitudes become closed or open, withholding or forthcoming, self-centered or compassionate, revengeful or forgiving (heart techniques assisting people in engaging in heartfelt conversations and reaching reconciliation, such as asking direct, honest questions that encourage integrity and trust). (Note: according to Ken, this is where the greatest deficit in current models of mediation exists).

6. And in our systems, where cultures, contexts, conditions, and environments become adversarial or egalitarian, competitive or collaborative, autocratic or democratic (systems design techniques that attempt to resolve the systemic, contextual, cultural, and environmental sources of conflict in ways that can prevent future conflicts, such as using dialogue, coaching, and mentoring to alter entrenched behavior patterns).

Ken’s book can be purchased directly from his publisher, Janis Publications, here:

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