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October 25, 2006

The Mediation vBlog Project

A great new project is now live! Geoff Sharp, a commercial mediator and barrister (lawyer) in New Zealand, hosts short video clips by real mediators, on whatever topics they want to share at his new project. Here’s more (click on the link to go directly to the site):


Welcome to the Mediation vBlog Project!

The idea behind the Mediation vBlog Project is to take advantage of recent video sharing technology to post short video clips of mediators everywhere at work. The more ‘live’ the better. The site provides a platform for mediators from around the globe to share their skills by video. Simple really. Let’s roll!

[This is] the first, the very first, to track our practice and all things mediation by video blog – a kind of mediation genome project by video blog.

My idea is to take advantage of recent video sharing technology to post short video clips of mediators everywhere at work, the more live the better. The growth of video social networking is amazing with 60,000 new videos uploaded every day and over 100 million viewed every day, as more people explore this type of online medium.

Bravo, Geoff!

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  1. […] My thanks to all my many friends out there in the mediation blogosphere who welcomed the Mediation vBlog Project into the world with generous links like this; Mediator Tech Online Guide to Mediation Mediation Mench What About Clients? Divorce Law Journal New Jersey Family & Divorce Law Blog Gini Nelson’s Engaging Conflicts Mediation Marketing Tips Born a whopping 2GB after a difficult birth behind the scenes, MvBP is now home and is a healthy bouncing blog just waiting for playmates. I’m proud to tell you that when the attending gynaecologist wondered aloud whether the vBlog looked a little premature, I quickly assured him as a proud dad must, that we would make it through whatever the case. As we know, it takes a village to raise a child, and the vBlog Project was always going to be a communal baby. And in some ways it has special needs, you know being an online experiment and all…. so how about doing your part; the kid needs sustenance. Show some love and post a video clip – it really is child’s play. Probably the easiest way to get started is with a cheap web cam… I purchased a Logitech web cam over the net for about $50.        When it arrived I plugged it in to my USB port and not only can I capture short clips that I then post to the vBlog from my laptop, I can now also video Skype as well. Other ways are with your Treo or family digital still camera that also takes short low resolution video clips. No fuss, all you need to do is attach your clip to an email to me at and I will do the rest. Two/four minutes is perfect. I think all of us are a little ways away from debriefing to camera during/directly after a mediation or seeking parties’ permission to record a segment of the mediation itself, but my hope is that will come in time.     […]

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