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October 31, 2006

AlphaPsy’s Primers: Introductions to Evolution, Cognition and Culture

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AlphaPsy editors, over the past couple of months, have created a series of primers giving us what they describe as “really short introductions to various topics in the fields of evolution, cognition, and culture. It is chiefly aimed at social scientists with no background whatsoever in the domain. Each primer includes a link to the relevant AlphaPsy Bibliography, which is particularly suited for beginners. Again, it is only a very rough guide; it has no scientific ambitions, so don’t judge it too harshly.”

Here’s the list of primers with links:

A Primer on Evolution

A Primer on Cognition

A Primer on Culture

A Primer on Darwinian Psychiatry

A Primer on Religion

A Primer on Coevolutions and Domestications

A Primer on Technology

A Primer on Meta-Evolution

A Primer on Neuroeconomics

A Primer on the Psychology of Politics

A Primer on Cognitive Arts

A Primer on Science and Folk Science

A Primer on Racialist Prejudices

A Primer on Mirror-Neurons

A Primer on Theory of Mind

Here, too, is the link to the guide to their bibliographies.

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  1. […] AlphaPsy has just added a new primer on sex differences in cognition, their 15th. The other primers are listed here. […]

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