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November 8, 2006

Podcamp West – San Francisco — Not Just For Bloggers, Podcasters, and Video Bloggers (Vloggers)

It’s for everyone who wants to understand the new media better. I just checked – 128 registrants so far for Podcamp West – San Francisco, November 18 – 19, 2006. Are you coming? It’s an UnConference:

The power of an UnConference is you get FREE access to ideas, thoughts, best practices, and the true “wisdom of crowds” simply by registering and attending. An UnConference brings people with many different skill sets together with the spirit of sharing and learning. We’re audio and video podcasters, enthusiasts, businesspeople, hobbyists, musicians, promoters, marketers, and people who generally want to understand more about the new media space. We would like everyone to participate in some form or another and learn.

Here’s who should attend:

Podcamp West is for people interested in new media. Bloggers, Podcasters, Video Bloggers (Vloggers) are the people, who the conference serves best. If you’re interested in doing something with new media, you’ll want to attend. Are you an individual or school or library wondering how to incorporate podcasting into projects and community events? Are you a corporation type wondering how you should get involved in new Media? Are you a venture group thinking about whether to invest in this new media space? Come to PodCamp West, learn, share and you will have the answers.


Sessions spread over two days will focus on planning for content, content creation, content publishing and subscription models, production quality, tools, recording techniques, video composition, editing skills, audio & video post production techniques. Also included are sessions on Monetization of New Media formats, Podcasting and Video Blogging and impact of new media on business, Directly communicating with customers in Web 2.0 world, New Media marketing and public relations. The sessions are held in the format of a conversation with the people in the room participating actively.


Podcamp West is being held in San Francisco at the historic Swedish American Hall. The venue has access to a few large areas to assemble for sessions and areas earmarked for decompressing and for demo tables. The venue is very accessible by public transport – you can ride a train, take a bus, or just ride your bike. It’s VERY accessible to folks either coming from far away or locally. Parking around is generally paid parking or unless you get a lucky parking spot on the road.

It’s free to attend but you do have to register. I’ve linked to the registration site in this earlier post, or go here.
Hope to see you there!

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