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November 19, 2006

Podcamp West – San Francisco, Day Two Includes Using New Media In Marketing, and Using Podcasting For Independent, Community-Rich Self-Expression –

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PodCamp continues. Yesterday’s program is here. I’m also on a panel today, on marketing using the new media, which I believe is one of the three most important professional or business uses of the internet. But I’m especially looking forward to this session, which highlights another important use:

Community Imperialism in DIY (Do It Yourself) Media & DIY Ethics (Panel) – Matthew Wayne Selznick, Eric Rice, Chris Heuer – The theme of the conversation would be to place podcasting in line as the latest means of independent, community-rich self-expression. While not denying or disparaging commercial possibilities for podcasting, The Panel will emphasize the community, DIY, and creative aspects of the media. The audience will be engaged by asking how they have contributed to (or been affected by) the podcasting community, and ask for ideas and suggestions on how the community can continue to feed itself while remaining accessible to new creators. The session will energize existing podcasters, inspire and encourage new podcasters, and remind the “how can I make money at this” podcasters that contributing to the community and strengthening the medium is just as important to their growth as subscriber numbers.

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