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January 2, 2007

Podcasting in 2007 —

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I’ll be podcasting in 2007. Readers here have been watching me get my feet wet (here’s my vBlog post from PodCamp West– San Francisco, made for Geoff Sharp’s mediation vBlog project ; a post about the podcasters’ internet marketing issues panel I was on at the conference, and a post with more about PodCamp’s agenda, including the legal issues in podcasting panel I was on). Podcasting is an exciting development in use of the internet, and fast-growing, and, really, attorneys and mediators need to understand what it is.

Here’s some background, and observations on trends, from a leader in this new social media, Scott Bourne, variously of several tightly focused blogs and podcasts, including the blog, and the blog and podcast associated with the TWIT [The WEEK In TECH] netcast network site. TWIT itself was named by Time Magazine as one of the top 10 podcasts of 2006.

Background (from Scott’s blog):

Here is what podcasting is and why it matters.

A podcast is a web feed of audio or video files that you can download and listen or view at your convenience on a personal media player (such as an iPod), computer, DVD player, or CD player.

Listeners don’t have to remember to visit the sites they are interested in to get the latest posting. Instead, they can subscribe (usually at no charge) to the ones they want. Their podcatcher software will periodically download the latest postings or episodes.

In the podcast universe, distribution distinguishes this medium: You don’t have to rely on your audience to check back for new content that you post. Once they have added your “show” to their playlist, they’ll automatically receive it each time you post a new episode. In other words, it’s much like choosing which programs you want to record on your TIVo.

And personal media players fit the lifestyle of people on the go by being small and portable. It’s a way for corporate marketers to extend their content distribution beyond their audience’s desktop computer. Listeners can access your content on their commute, in the gym, or while sitting in the airport.

More background: Podcasting FAQs by

2006’s Important Podcasting Trends by

I’m learning the technology now, with an iMac with its preinstalled Garageband podcasting software, a professional quality microphone, and access to online training videos at, including Scott’s own Podcasting with GarageBand 3.

Scott, thank you for making podcasting so much more accessible to us all.


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